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Quantum Mechanics, General Course FMFF40

- This is the homepage for the course of Quantum Mechanics, General Course FMFF40 at Lund University.
- The course is aimed primarily at Engineering physics students at the bachelor level.
- Below we provide information and useful documents for the course.

New stuff

9/11 2022 --- Tentaresultat för FAFF10 och FMFF40

7/9 2022 --- It is now possible to sign up for the laboration on the Li-atom:


Course introduction meeting held on Friday, 2/9/2022 at 10:15 in MA:2

Math. introduction notes
Kvant. rep. slides

Description of the course

The syllabus is available here .


- Lecturer: Gillis Carlsson
- Exercise assistants: Zhen Zhao and  Johan Boström
- Laboratory assistants: Megha Gopalakrishna and  Drilon Zenelaj

Everybody is sitting at Mathematical Physics, professorsgatan 1, Second floor building B

- För questions concerning course registration, Ladok, registration for exams and similar contact: Eskil Fredriksson


Most parts of the course take place at Fysicum.
See the schedual .


The literature for the course consists of:

(1) Gunnar Ohlen: Quantum world phenomenon: theory and concepts, (University) Chapter 5-9

Extra reading

Gunnar Sparr and Annika Sparr: Continuous systems (Open University), Chapters H and S

An English book covering the same mathematics area and which may be of interest is
Philippe Dennery and Andre Krzywicki: Mathematics for physicists, found for example here.

Peter S. Riseborough: Mathematical methods 1, kap. 1-9. (freely availiable from the web)

Course Material

-Lectures and excercise plan:
- plan

- Suggestions for solutions to Ohlen exercises:
- part 1
- part 2

- Computer laboration on the Li-atom:
i) Laboration instructions

ii) Matlab files with the computer programe

Writing project reports

An instructive example on how to prepare a report, from the course
Thermodynamics, Waves and atomic physics can be found here .


Repetition notes
Formula sheet for the exam
- Two old exams ( 1 , 2 ) with solutions 1 , 2 )
Extra old exam with solutions

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