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Quantum mechanics and mathematical methods FMFF15

- This is the homepage for the course of Quantum mechanics & mathematical methods FMFF15 at Lund University.
- The course is aimed primarily at Nano-Engineering students at the Master level.
- Below we provide information and useful documents for the course.

New stuff


23/8 ---2023 The project supervisors will come to the excercise session 15/9 13:15 to present their projects. Students can then choose one of the projects.



Course introduction meeting held on Friday, 1/9/2023, see schedual.

Math. introduction notes
Kvant. rep. slides
Course and study plan

Description of the course

Here you will find information about the goals in PDF format,
how the course is structured, how it is examined, along with further practical information.
The syllabus is available here .


- Lecturer: Gillis Carlsson
- Exercise assistant: Edvin Olofsson

- För questions concerning course registration, Ladok, registration for exams and similar contact: Eskil Fredriksson


Most parts of the course take place at Fysicum.
See the schedual .


The main literature for the course consists of:

(1) The document entitled "Hilbert spaces" found below

(2) Gunnar Ohlen: Quantum world phenomenon: theory and concepts, (University) Chapter 5-9

Extra reading

Gunnar Sparr and Annika Sparr: Continuous systems (Open University), Chapters H and S

An English book covering the same mathematics area and which may be of interest is
Philippe Dennery and Andre Krzywicki: Mathematics for physicists, found for example here.

Peter S. Riseborough: Mathematical methods 1, kap. 1-9. (freely availiable from the web)

Course Material

- Math literature: Hilbert Spaces
- Math excercises: exercises for Hilbert spaces
- Hand-in assignments for the math part: Hand-ins for Hilbert spaces

- Suggestions for solutions to Ohlen exercises:
- part 1
- part 2


- Computer Projects:
i) Quantum dots Andrea Idini (
ii) Time-dependent Schrödinger equation Claudio Verdozzi (
iii) Perturbation of a hydrogen plasma Peter Samuelsson (

Writing project reports

An instructive example on how to prepare a report, from the course
Thermodynamics, Waves and atomic physics can be found here .


Repetition notes
Formula sheet for the exam
- Two old exams ( 1 , 2 ) with solutions 1 , 2 )
Extra old exam with solutions

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