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At the division of Mathematical Physics, we conduct theoretical research in several main areas, such as quantum transport, dynamical and nonlinear physics of nanostructures, quantum information, ultra-cold atomic quantum gases, structure and dynamics of atoms, electron correlations, strongly correlated materials, and nuclear structure theory. A common denominator is that the work in all areas is based on the theory of interacting many-particle quantum systems. Researchers at the division also have strong collaborations with experimental colleagues at Lund Laser Center, NanoLund, and the two major research facilities MAX IV and ESS.

The overarching research strategy of the division is to perform excellent theoretical research on physical many body systems in the quantum realm.

Research topics and methodological aspects are illustrated in the figure, showing the breadth of approach and topical overlap between the different primary research directions. For more information about a given research direction, choose one topic in the menu.

Illustrative research pictures

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