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Peter Samuelsson

Research profile

I am leading the mesoscopic physics group working on theoretical problems in mesoscopic and nanoscale physics. My present activities are mainly focused on nanoscale quantum technology and quantum thermodynamics. Long standing research interests are

  • Quantum thermodynamics in mesoscopic and nanoscale systems.
  • Quantum transport in circuit Quantum Electro Dynamics systems.
  • Electronic entanglement, generation and detection in mesoscopic systems.
  • Current noise and statistics of transport fluctuations, Full Counting Statistics, 
  • Multiple Andreev Reflection and nonequilibrium effects in normal-superconducting systems

For more information on my research, please contact me directly.

Group members

  • Kalle Kansanen, Postdoc
  • Bj√∂rn Annby-Andersson, PhD-student
  • Drilon Zenelaj, PhD-student

Master and Bachelor students


During the semester 2023/2024 I am teaching

  • Basic Quantum Mechanics, FYSB22
  • Quantum Information, FAFN40/FYST30/FAF015F


Presently, we have an opening for a PhD student in Quantum thermodynamics in nanoscale systems, see the link for further information and application.

Contact information

For contact information see Faculty staff pages.


A complete list of publications, from the preprint arXiv.

A list of publications from year 2005 to present, in reverse chronological order, from Lund University research portal.

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