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Stephanie M. Reimann

I am leading the "Ultra-cold theory" research group working on the theory of ultra-cold atomic quantum systems and related quantum systems.

Research interests are in the few- and many-body physics of trapped bosons and fermions, with focus on superfluidity and self-bound states of binary and dipolar systems, few- to many-body signatures of quantum phase transitions, and quantum dynamics.

Professor at LTH since 2006.

Wallenberg Scholar, 2019.


Contact Information: last name, phone: +46 46 2229086

Group Members (2021): Dr. Jakob Bengtsson, BUL; Dr. Johannes Bjerlin (on leave); Mikael Nilsson Tengstrand, PhD student; Philipp Stürmer, PhD Student; Lila Chergui, PhD Student; Anton Johansson, Master Student (c/o Bengtsson); Carmen López Jurado, Bachelor Student; Ahmed Dabbous, Bachelor Student

Teaching: During HT/LP1 2021 I teach the continuation course in Quantum Mechanics, FMFN01/FYSN17. The course also includes a proseminar on the physics of ultra-cold atomic quantum systems and Bose-Einstein condensation.

Publications: arXiv


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